What’s In Shore for Cruise Lines?

In working towards a successful business, members of the cruise line industry always strive to be professional, responsible, and continuously build their brands. Especially in today’s digital world, social media has become the go-to platform for developing connections with consumers.  Professionals are stressing to cruise lines the importance of social media use in order to effectively reach their audiences.  It is the perfect gateway for consumers to share first-hand knowledge and experiences with each other.  For a while, the cruise industry was in fear of going under because their audience was skewing towards older consumers.  Thankfully, social media has provided the solution by enabling cruise lines to reach younger audiences online.  By creating a mobile presence, companies are able to go everywhere the consumer goes.

When considering cruises for leisure cruises manipulate their social media to entice people to come aboard through the use of FOMO. They also benefit from cruisers posting about how much fun they are having. Also many companies create social media competitions to increase social media traffic and awareness. The business market is being marketed through the use of blogs. Companies are setting the scene of what a meeting could be like or posting “how to’s,”to have the best corporate boat experience.  Twitter with two way communication has allowed cruise companies to constantly be in contact with their audience to inform and advertise to them.

Disney Cruise Line posts engaging and intriguing content on their Facebook page.

2015 is the year social media truly began to make an impact in the cruise line industry.  Facebook has become the most popular network for providing companies different methods to reach audiences.  Statistically, Disney Cruise Line came out on top this year with 2.67 million page interactions, Carnival gained 3.3 million fans, and Royal Caribbean ranked in the top five global pages with additional local country pages as well. Through completely different companies, they collectively display how well social media can be integrated into any business strategy and provide positive results.  Seeing that the cruise line industry is a such competitive market, the success of a company leans on their professionals’ abilities to strategically reach their market more effectively than other brands.

As for the future of social media in this industry, it is impossible to truly predict anything.  Technology and media will continue to advance, and so will the consumers using them.  In order to keep moving forward, cruise lines must be prepared to constantly update and improve their online strategies to maintain connection with their audiences.  On top of keeping in touch, companies are also working towards using social media to directly increase sales.  No successful strategy has been developed, but with the endless possibilities made available online, nothing is impossible.


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