Oh, Snap!

While the focus for travel bloggers is on their websites, emerging media offer new ways for bloggers and companies to reach audiences. Snapchat, for example, continues to grow in popularity and provides a more personal form of communication. Compared to Facebook, Snapchat* is viewed as a medium for closer interpersonal relationships, rather than a more public network.

However, companies are now utilizing Snapchat and Snapchat superstars to reach their constituents. This past summer, music and Snapchat phenomenon DJ Khaled was hired by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority to post about the city’s highlights on both his personal Snapchat account and Las Vegas’ Snapchat account.  Forty-eight hours after DJ Khaled took over the channel, it had more than 25,000 engagements and 400,000 views. Many other cities are also active on Snapchat to show what is happening live in their locations.

A travel blogger shares photos of her trip on Snapchat.

In addition to Snapchat accounts for certain areas, travel bloggers advertise destinations all over the world on their own Snapchat accounts. A travel blogger’s Snapchat takes viewers on a trip with the blogger in real time, rather than daily or weekly updates on the blogger’s website. The in-the-moment appeal of Snapchat helps the audience develop a more intimate relationship with the blogger.

Strong trust-based relationships with customers are becoming more and more vital for a company’s success. Snapchat has proven to be an effective medium for building close relationships with audiences.

There are a variety of options for companies to advertise on Snapchat. A company can pay a blogger or celebrity who already has followers to help launch their Snapchat account, just like how Las Vegas partnered with DJ Khaled. Another option, if the company does not want to launch their own account, is to have the blogger feature a company’s product or service on their personal Snapchat account. Some other opportunities for advertising on Snapchat include video ads that appear in-between Snapchat stories, geofilter advertisements, and lenses that use facial recognition to add graphics to and around the user’s face.

Companies must attend to emerging social media platforms and the technologies used to access those platforms. Snap has recently created glasses that can record videos for Snapchat. Updates and technological changes, such as Snap’s recent advancement, can impact how bloggers and companies may reach their audiences. It is important to know where audiences can be reached because an advertising campaign will not have a positive impact if it is not seen, especially by the intended viewer.

*The company Snapchat has changed its name to Snap Inc. as of September 2016. However, the app itself is still named Snapchat.


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