Taking Influence to New Heights

Some of the best objectives that companies can have for their social media marketing plans include developing brand attitude, customer commitment, and trustworthiness. After deciding which goals a company wants to reach and how they’re going to reach them, the next important step is deciding what social media platform will work best for their audience. For the airline industry, Instagram is an option to consider.

Bartholomew writes upbeat captions for her photos, and includes many hashtags about Emirates in the comments section to increase reach.

While discussions of airlines on Twitter and Facebook tend to be biased towards the airlines available in a particular region, some airlines have recently discovered that the social network Instagram can help them connect with consumers globally, as photos have no language barriers. In particular, Emirates’ Instagram account is doing very well, with over one million followers. One of the reasons Emirates has been so successful is because they use “ambassadors” who post pictures on Instagram on their behalf. For example, Amy Bartholomew, who boasts over 14 thousand followers on Instagram, is an ambassador for Emirates. Companies often measure reach to gauge how many people are being exposed to their messages, and Bartholomew’s few thousand extra followers means Emirates is reaching more people than they would if she were not an ambassador for them.

Instagram ambassadors are great influencers for brands, as their posts help audiences develop a positive brand attitude by adding their own personal touch to photos, while linking to the airline’s social media account. As social media becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, consumers make more and more purchasing decisions based on social media influencers’ endorsements. In fact, a recent study found that 82% of consumers were “highly likely” to follow an influencer’s recommendations.

Alaska Airlines has also found success with Instagram, by employing eight travel and adventure micro-influencers to participate in their #WeekendWanderer campaign. Alaska Airlines wanted to generate buzz surrounding their flights to beautiful locales, so these eight individuals documented their trips on Instagram, making sure to include the hashtag in their posts.

Companies that decide to take the leap and create an Instagram account will eventually see an increase in sales, as well as brand loyalty and positive brand attitude if they post content that is relevant and interesting to their particular audiences.


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