A ‘Gram Weighs a Ton

Hilton Waikola Village posts beautiful photos of their resort to entice consumers to stay there.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media vehicles in the world, first emerging in October 2010 and quickly climbing to the top of the social media ladder.  Presumably, it did not take long for those in the business world to dive head first into the possibilities. Virtually all hospitality organizations want to capitalize on the power of Instagram. In order to attract attention to and raise awareness of the stand-out interior/exterior of their hotels and resorts, focus needs to be placed on building momentum through a platform that is exclusively based on visual aesthetic, such as Instagram.

Another asset that Instagram provides may surprise some people.  Obviously, the main advantage is to connect with a young audience on a mass scale.  However hotel chains will often hire outside firms to manage their marketing, and Instagram can help them accomplish this.  Hiring the proper marketing firm can result in an exponential increase in revenue for companies.

One of the most desirable outcomes that an organization can hope for is a viral spread of their message through word-of-mouth, or in this case, eWOW (electronic word-of-mouth).  With the right message, the appropriate target audience, and using the right platform, a message can spread like wild fire.  The relationship between Instagram and the Hotel Business is no different.  If anything, using a base like Instagram reflects the modernity of our time.  One of the reasons Instagram is a particularly useful tool for hotel marketers is within the design itself.  By looking at the number of likes and comments that a photo receives, companies can gain insight into how popular that photo is.  Therefore, for hotels, likes/comments also serve as a reflection of eWOM that a hotel’s posts cause. This is because users can view anything liked by their friends, and can also see the comments written by others on the posts of marketers. With social media outlets like Instagram continuing to climb in active daily users, hotel marketers will continue to use them to their advantage.


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