Reservation Preservation

In today’s world, businesses often have to send their employees on trips to other plants, company sites, etc.  These business trips often last days or sometimes even weeks at a time, depending on the nature of the trip. As far as accommodations are concerned, organizations usually prefer to provide their employees a comfortable stay.  Simultaneously, hotel chains strive to impress their guests who represent corporations.  If a particular hotel name strikes a chord with an employee, that hotel may earn a career-long customer, which could prove to be a very lucrative relationship.

A particularly important aspect of social media in regards to where businesses put up their employees is customer reviews. These may exist on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Businesses often look to user generated content such as discussions about their experiences as a principal fount of information. A healthy long-term relationship between a successful organization and an international hotel chain is worth a plethora of revenue.  Not to mention, the employees of that organization may choose to stay at that hotel for personal travel as well.

Hilton in San Francisco encourages visitors to leave reviews on a channel they are familiar with by links on their website.

Due to businesses holding reviews of customers in such high regard, it is intrinsic to managers in the hospitality industry to not only make customer reviews available, but to encourage hoteliers to participate in them. At the lowest level, reviews provide exposure if nothing more. At the highest level, they result in multi-billion dollar corporations housing their employees in the hotels with the best reviews.

People traveling for business are able to receive a personalized experience thanks to social media.  Personalization is now what is key to not only attracting but holding onto customers, particularly those who travel on business because of the high frequency of their visits.  The Fortune 500 businessman who travels several days out of every week is a much more sought-after hotelier then say, the family of four who vacations once a year.  First impressions are paramount and can either sour a possible bond between two organizations, or secure a future relationship that is mutually advantageous.


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