Worldwide to Bedside

With the birth and subsequent explosion of social media across the globe, the hotel industry has turned to this mechanism as a means to attract a new and diverse plethora of customers. A large portion of today’s travelers stumble upon their getaways through Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram.  These platforms also allow for a high level of personalization in regards to marketing.  Hotel conglomerates now have the ability to post ads as well as promote discounts with the blink of an eye.

One of the greatest effects that social media has provided for the hotel industry is generating customer loyalty.   If a customer holds a favorable view toward the social media activities of a particular hotel chain, the more favorable their attitude will be toward the hotel’s brand.  Subsequently, the more likely they will be to book future dates.

The Facebook Messenger app allows for hotels, such as Hyatt, to personally help consumers.

Social media is also making it possible for the hotel industries to create much more personable, and therefore more effective messages to both potential and existing customers.  Those looking to attract new customers can take advantage of new tools such as the Facebook Messenger app. Marketers can even record a voice message for an added content feature. This creates a ‘stand out in the crowd’ feeling that provides an extra boost in developing relationships with your customer base. For example, sending a personalized voice recording complimented with a link that will lead potential customers to a deal, will be far more attractive than simply reading it in text form.

It is also important to note that social media is not merely a domestic phenomenon, globally, it has had a major impact as well.  Talk to any hotel manager in the world about the importance of social media in regards to customer relations, and it is likely they all will provide similar answers. Being not only present, but active in the social media space provides a hotel with an image of modernity.  In addition, it helps larger hotel chains connect with younger millenials (although older customers apply as well).

Being able to reach potential customers  who may be thousands of miles away with the click of a button, is exclusively a 21st century occurrence.  With no signs of slowing down, the technological behemoth that is social media promises to continue to generate new and exciting ways to market to vacationers on both large and personable scales.


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