Contests, Hashtags, & FOMO, oh my!

In 2015, a huge social media trend emerged: FOMO, the fear of missing out. People often see statuses, updates of friends on vacation, and work trips wishing they could be there as well. This idea of missing out is a driving force for inspiring customers to travel. The millennial generation is very self-oriented; they often want to do what their friends are doing. Travelers aboard cruises who share their vacation experiences provide earned media for the cruise lines. It is a win-win situation for the company and the client. To capitalize on FOMO, cruise companies are quickly changing their social media strategies to showcase pictures of family vacations, as well as luxury amenities.

For example, Royal Caribbean was awarded for having one of the top social media campaigns of 2015. They streamed a video on Periscope for their #ComeSeekLive campaign that was posted on digital billboards.

An  image from Royal Caribbean’s Instagram shows off Harmony of the Seas. The comments section shows the excitement the cruise line’s consumers feel about this type of content.

Royal Caribbean also hosted a virtual contest revolving around the ship, Harmony of the Seas, where they had 2,600 agents post information about the boat on social media. Using the hashtag #GetmeonHarmony, agents attempted to win one of 1,000 spots aboard the ship. The contest generated an increase in web searches for the ship and was trending in the UK. They developed a substantial digital footprint that peaked many other’s interests about Royal Caribbean.

Overall, social media is being used by cruise lines to show potential customers what they are missing out on.  Specifically with respect to FOMO, bloggers, agents, and current customers have the ability to be major influencers for cruise lines.


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