Travel Smarter, Not Harder

In the continuously evolving industry of tourism, professional travel agents are known for simplifying vacation planning for clients with various needs.  This complicated process is typically made easier through agents’ knack for developing personal connections to form a better understanding of the client’s specific desires.  To do so, agents are active in communicating with their consumers through various social media for easy access o information.  Building a presence online creates a window of conversation with clients that is more informal and easily accessible. For success in this practice, professional agents must utilize social media in both communicating with clients and spreading brand awareness.

Amazingly, professional travel agents help save customers an average of $452 per trip and four hours in travel planning.  Along with those savings, agents are able to meticulously navigate clients through the booking process to avoid other unforeseen costs.  Also, a poll showed that 63% of  consumers said their overall trip experience, start to finish, was better when using a travel agent.

Westside International Travel provides a list of reasons to use travel agents.

There are various factors contributing to the success of travel agents, two of them being the quality customer service and the ability to share deeper knowledge about specific destinations.  Inevitably, travel agents rely on their ability to provide more reliable support and care as compared to OTAs (online travel agencies).  Much of this communication is done online through social media, but it is much more personal and catered to each client’s needs.

Travel agents must place emphasis on social media to strengthen the connection between the corporation’s message and the audience exposed to it.  In doing so, they provide clients with constantly updated information, and are able to host and support online communities.  With respect to corporate social responsibility, it is crucial to maintain positive support and relations with each and every client.


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