Making Lobbies a Homepage

One of the greatest challenges that hotels and resorts tackle on a year-round basis is the constant marketing to not only loyal customers, but more importantly, potential ones. Companies dedicate countless meetings, not to mention dollars, in order to obtain the best results when it comes to attracting new customers.

When vacationers use social media in relation with the hotel website, this often results in elevated degrees of happiness, informativeness and sociability.  This ultimately has an effect on customer satisfaction.

The above statement provides a direct link between customer satisfaction and social media interaction. Hotels not only use social media as a means to ensure that their customers have an enjoyable stay, but also to search for and ultimately obtain new customers for the future.

As mentioned earlier, hotels dedicate an immense effort to social media related practices.  A large portion of hotels use several employees exclusively for social media purposes.  Most social media services for hotels are worked on at the property level.  The most common goals are to improve guest satisfaction, and increase the number of hotel stays.

Hilton Hotels & Resorts’ Facebook page boasts over 1 million likes and over 4 million visitors.

The hotel industry cannot resist exploring social media as a method for obtaining customers for several reasons. A plethora of customers can be reached through this medium. More importantly, they know know that’s where their customers are talking to each other. Finally, they have a high chance of connecting with potential new customers through this medium. It is also intrinsic to note that social media is a two-way street–a conversation. All companies should make an effort to inform customers that they pay attention to what they have to say.  It is not just customers that use social media but the companies as well.

Customers take comfort in the fact that the hotels they are staying in care about what they have to say. This results in both a better relationship and a higher chance of repeat visits in the future, and subsequent increased loyalty.


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